Dr. Foluso Fakorede

CEO of Cardiovascular Solutions of Central Mississippi

About Dr. Foluso Fakorede

Born to Nigerian parents, Dr. Fakorede was raised in New Jersey. He pursued his dream of becoming a doctor, and after medical school, he took up a position as a vascular surgeon in Jackson, Tennessee. He was, by all accounts, a principled and forceful character, one who wanted the system to work as the system should. And when he became suspicious that his clinic was overcharging expenses, he reported those charges. As a result, he was terminated.

Out of a job and not knowing what was next, he decided to explore the medical needs of the people in the Mississippi Delta. He’d heard how the African American community of the region was underserved and wary of the medical-industrial complex. He’d heard that diabetic amputations were the norm in the region. What’s more, Dr. Fakorede was moved by the disparity in health equity. 

A Preview of His Refounder Story – Chapter 7: Reinvest in Bigger Purposes

As he considered the plight of Southern Black diabetics, as he considered how amputations increased the likelihood of death, Dr. Fakorede knew what he had to do. He headed south to scout the situation for himself. And after a visit to Cleveland, Mississippi, Dr. Fakorede’s suspicions were confirmed. The experience of the African American diabetic in the Delta was nothing short of bleak. 

After meeting with diabetic amputees and at-risk patients who were underserved and over-cut, he knew he could help. By opening up the patients’ arteries, by increasing the blood flow to the areas of the wound with stents and balloons, Fakorede could bring new blood to areas of chronic wounding and could keep his patients from enduring amputations. And each amputation that was avoided was a potential life spared. It was a no-brainer. Fakorede sold his Tennessee home and opened a clinic in Cleveland, Mississippi. The result? Since Dr. Fakorede’s arrival, annual amputations due to vascular disease have dropped by over 75 percent.

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Our Mission: To educate and provide access to quality health care for all. He has become a national voice in the fight on the impact of health disparity in underserved communities.

Limb Salvage Awareness Video

“It’s important to take PAD awareness out to the community. Once they know, they’ll share the info.” – Dr. Fakorede

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