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How audacious leaders
take what’s broken
and make it better

refounders reimagine the places we LiveWorkPlay

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How can leaders create new possibilities and extraordinary outcomes with a shift in mindset? And how can they implement positive changes beyond just business? Through stories of well-known leaders, cities and organizations, Refounder explores how society often reinvents for the better. The book reveals how all individuals can assess what could change in their own life utilizing the Refounder’s redemptive imagination.


Available February 2021

the refounders founder

Patrick Colletti

Patrick Colletti is equipping the growing movement of Refounders to reimagine and renew the places they live, work and play. With decades of executive leadership in both for-profit and not-for-profit environments, he is passionate about driving growth while creating world-class culture. Patrick’s unique understanding of entrepreneurship, community and humanity will help you envision better realities and bring them to life.

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