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How transformational leaders take what’s broken and make it better

How can leaders create new possibilities and extraordinary outcomes with a shift in mindset? And how can they implement positive changes beyond just business? Through stories about well-known leaders, cities and organizations, Refounder explores how society often reinvents for the better.

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Meet the industry leaders who operate with a Refounder’s mentality, learning from their expertise in the fields of business, innovation, medicine, education, and personal development.

Dr. Chris Howard

Dr. Foluso Fakorede

Dr. Joshua Margolis

Justin Moore

Eric “Astro” Teller

Dr. David Armstrong

John Wallace

Paula Faris

Patrick Colletti

Patrick Colletti is equipping the growing movement of Refounders to reimagine and renew the places they live, work, and play. An experienced CEO, board director and advisor for angel, VC, and PE backed organizations, Colletti is passionate about driving growth while creating world-class culture. He is a frequent speaker, selective consultant, and redemptive investor who teaches about making broken things better.

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